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20020213 18:10:15 Gort's_Synth v2 [50KB] Rate it Read Reviews
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Gort's Synth is a small Soundfont - only 77Kb - with a huge number of voices. There are 185 varied instruments, (both Synth and Realistic) with similar sounds grouped together for easy reference, and it's aimed at musicians who are looking for something a bit different. It's not intended to be a GM set, its purpose is to give a new range of voices with a wide selection of timbres which are musically useful. The sounds are surprisingly powerful, and you can download it in a few seconds.
Author: Bree Gorton | Submitted By: Bree Gorton

20001231 21:38:49 Mega Sound Bank V2.00 [23.5MB; 16MB] Rating : 7.8 (6) Read Reviews
Download Mega Sound Bank is updated! KAWAI and YAMAHA's unique sounds, the best size-quality. Good for Rock, fusion jazz, etc. Enjoy this SMALL bank!!
Author: Danny Kim | Submitted By: Danny Kim

20001125 11:02:51 084.0mg ALL in ONE GM v1.0 Bank [84MB] Rating : 6.5 (4) Read Reviews

Here it goes, folks. It has very HQ sound and even better sound balance. You need at least 170 mg system RAM to play it, but this ONE is well worth it. I wanted to make the Bank just like what I believe a GM Bank should be, and now I'm very much satisfied with the result. You will get a WinRaR self-decompression file but you need sfpack.exe to get the sf2. You can also find the link to the file on my homepage. Enjoy!
Author: Toru Inahama , Homepage. | Submitted By: Toru Inahama , Homepage.

20001117 15:22:05 057.9mg ALL in ONE light GM Bank (Packed;29.8meg) Rating : 9.0 (1) Read Reviews

ONE of the best out there,if not THE best,I believe. Yes this ONE is another (fed up,heh?) GM bank,so it has only 128 melodic patches and 5(!) drums patches. But, believe me, it rocks. This is the "light" version and the original version (about 70meg) is soon to be uploaded as well. Some of you might prefer this ONE to the original, bigger ONE, especially if you often listen to rock or pop midis,while this ONE is still excellent for classical or jazz or, almost any kind of music.
Author: Toru Inahama , Homepage. | Submitted By: Toru Inahama

20001114 15:07:06 Utopia Live! [31.5 MB] Rating : 8.0 (1) Read Reviews

Product Information
Note: Utopia Live! v2.0 has been released, and Utopia Live! v1.0 is no longer available. You can find information about the newest version of Utopia Live! here.
Utopia Live! is a professional 32 MB GM soundfont designed specifically for use with Creative Labs' SB Live! soundcards (this includes the SBLive! Value and new cards like the SBLive! X-Gamer and the SBLive! Platinum) which is meant to replace the standard 2, 4 and 8 MB SoundFonts that come with the card. The soundfont contains all the standard 128 GM instruments and 8 percussion kits. Utopia Live! has a unique warm/ambient sound and a huge effort has been made to get it as close as possible to the 'balance' of the Roland SoundCanvas and thus ensure correct MIDI playback with nearly all types of music.

As a bonus you get a 3.6 MB acoustic piano soundfont, free technical support via email and free downloadable updates, all for the price of 15 US$ (online) / 20 US$ (CD).

Author: Utopia Sound Division , Homepage. | Submitted By: Thomas Hammer , Homepage.

20000923 18:42:54 Electric #1 Rate it Read Reviews
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If you're into dance music you'll love this soundfont. This may be my first soundfont but hey, even if I do say so myself, its almost proffessional.
Author: TonyC , Homepage. | Submitted By: TonyC , Homepage.

20000917 08:12:45 Reinhards GM SoundFont [8MB] Rating : 9.5 (4) Read Reviews
Download A soundfont for rock, especially harder music. I think it's the most powerfull Soundfont you can find on this size. Needs close to 12 MB memory.
Author: Reinhard Hennecke , Homepage.

20000829 15:20:55 DX7 Rating : 2.0 (1) Read Reviews
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Small Bank 1a i made from my old yamaha synth
Author: shai cohen , Homepage. | Submitted By: shai cohen

20000816 11:07:25 JClive 2.1 GM 49.7mb Rating : 7.2 (4) Read Reviews

I can tell just this GM font is fine. Because...I Dont know English well and I havent a time now..<;
Author: Tae Seong Pak , Homepage. | Submitted By: Tae Seong Pak

20000813 22:05:21 GeneralUser GS 1.0 for SB AWE and Live! sound cards Rating : 1.0 (1) Read Reviews

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GeneralUser GS is a GM and GS compatible SoundFont that focuses on the realistic manipulation of samples, rather than their sheer size. There are two versions: <> AWE ver. [25.0; 17.3] <> Live! ver. [25.5; 17.6]
Author: S. Christian Collins , Homepage. | Submitted By: S. Christian Collins , Homepage.

20000712 01:27:56 Saphyr 2000.sf2 Rating : 8.0 (2) Read Reviews

Download Norway II
Various sonud found on the inetrenet and some sampler from me. This a Gm/Gs plus Bank. A lot of variation in the bank.
Author: Saphyr 2000 Alain Boutin | Submitted By: Saphyr 2000 Québec Canada

20000416 02:28:41 Xiaod Bank [63.1MB; 33MB] Rating : 10.0 (3) Read Reviews

Download SoundSite
Very Big! 100% Excellence overall!!!!!! This is the only one you wil ever need!
| Submitted By: falcon590

20000408 09:03:12 Andrew's Sound Upgrade Rate it Read Reviews

Download Norway II
This is my first SoundFont. Hope you enjoy. It is a collection of all the best guitars and drums i could find plus more try it and tell me what you think.
Author: Andrew L. | Submitted By: Andrew L.

20000311 09:11:10 sYnerGi 8Mb GM Rating : 6.5 (2) Read Reviews
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A powerful universal GM soundfont for SoundBlaster LIVE and AWE32/64 with 8Mb of sample memory. Most samples are either from Roland, Korg or EMU equipment such as N1, D110, SC55, SC88Pro, Proteus 2000 etc. This Soundfont also contains a few instruments in Bank 1 which allow you to have variatons on the usual GM instruments. Comments to darrellm@softhome.net, or by the Message Panel on my website. * Also available is sYnerGi 48Mb and sYnergi 512Kb, downloadable from my website. Sit back and enjoy! http://www.darrellnet.co.uk darrellm@softhome.net
Author: Darrell Marjoram , Homepage. | Submitted By: Darrell Marjoram , Homepage.

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