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Reviews for SoundFont "Toy Piano" [Piano]

A Trip Down Memory Lane...
    Review submitted by Mad Ganius from USA on December 18. 2004

When I listen to this Soundfont, I'm reminded of a Toy Piano an Uncle once gave me. Ahh the memories. Truly lives up to that vintage "Toy Piano" sound of yore.

    Review submitted by Justin Boggan from Panama City, FL on May 17. 2009

Download link doesn't work, and the link to the author site shows the site no logner exists.

Soundfonts - The Collection
    Review submitted by NotSoHumbleGuy on July 19. 2009

Look at Soundfonts - The collection torrent. It should have it there. Check in 'Rar Collection', and you'll see the Hammersound Public Library.rar file.

    Review submitted by Kate Lopez from Dallas, Texas on August 28. 2011

HI! Great! Bye!

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