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Reviews for SoundFont "Drum by KEN ARDENCY v2.1" [Drumkits and percussive kits]

Very good
    Review submitted by Guido S. from Italy on November 05. 2000

It simply rocks !! Maybe some more layers would be nice but it also works fine as is. Good, KEN!

The Best Drums I have Ever Heard!
    Review submitted by Cold Storage from England on November 10. 2000

this is the best drum soundfont I have heard!... and I have downloaded a lot... it's worth the download and taking up the ram!

    Review submitted by Alex Poe from Franklin,TN USA on December 05. 2000

This is an excellent soundfont. Especially the fact that it is free. VERY GOOD!! Extremely worth the download.

A REAL Drum Kit!
    Review submitted by Panos from Athens, Greece on December 18. 2000

This will be my basic "Drums" soundfont..... So real sounds... I've never heard them from any other sound font.... Worth the 11 Mbs byte by byte.. Real Drum set!Congratulations Ken!! And... thanks a lot!

nice try, but has big flaws
    Review submitted by Rich from USA on December 28. 2000

With such a huge download I thought there would be more care taken with the velocity layers. Unfortunately, this was not the case. What I found particularly annoying was that the snare had this absurd amount of reverb when velocity is at its highest level. But at lower velocity values, the reverb is completely absent. This makes no sense from a real world perspective.

Not bad - but not worth 9 out of 10
    Review submitted by Jamal Hamidi from Sydney, Oz on February 19. 2001

The toms on this soundfont are nice and beefy. They've got a nice muddy rumble, particularly the lower toms - perhaps not useable in all situations, but good nonetheless. However, the snare sound is thin, and has been drenched in reverb, probably in an attempt to thicken it up. Unfortunately, this poor snare sound limits the usefulness of this kit.

Very nice!
    Review submitted by James Willans from Barnstaple, UK on March 09. 2001

This is the BEST drumkit soundfont I have ever heard! I've already made a few tracks on Cubase with it, and the drums sound like they were recorded in a top notch studio. Anybody that needs authentic sounding drums should download this!
    Review submitted by Patrick Sonntag from france on May 17. 2001

Genius !! Génial !! The Best of the Best. If you hear this sound you could think you are in concert with Peter Gabriel. It is realy greate. I use this soundfont with LOGIC and EXS24, it sounds realy live. This is the best drum set I ever used for live music. This is the real live sound. Thanks to Ken Ardency for this drum set. Sorry for my english but I am Alsacien.

You're an asshole!
    Review submitted by Jared from MA, USA on June 21. 2001

If only the snare was a bit thicker I would have had the best drums ever! Excellent for a lot of music. But if you make another set exactly the same but with a heavier snare, I think you'd please a lot of people.

snare is pretty good
    Review submitted by Mitch from canada on February 10. 2003

i like the snare... doesn't sound like a shotgun... but hey, its not supposed to. Overall this is a good kit

Pretty Good Kit
    Review submitted by Matt C. from Mililani, HI on July 17. 2003

This kit has really good samples, but I must admit that the snares do sound a little "off" from the rest of the kit. It is a little weak compared to the heavy sound of the toms or cymbals. It almost reminds me of a snare drum to be used in a symphonic march! ;) But aside from that I think the overall kit is pretty good. My favorite thing is the dry sound of the hihat. But just improve the snares and it will be perfect for those modern "rock" MIDIs!

Nice Kit
    Review submitted by Steve Schwarz from NY, USA on November 02. 2003

I personally like the snares,(I used both at the same time to assimilate a double mic'd and bottom) It works well for my stuff, Nice pop on the piccolo! What I dont like is the Hi-Hat Pedal(closing) it seems no matter what I doto it it is always louder than the open/closed stick hits. I'm not a percussionist so I can't say that it is wrong to the rest of the world, but I personally like a softer pedal. Also the Toms a great, but for some reason it sounds like two are addressed to the same sample. not a biggie but thought you should know.

Not Bad...
    Review submitted by Kobi from the American Midwest on January 06. 2004

This a really great rock drumkit here; It sounds very clean and punchy. I would have liked a bit more variation in the velocity, and some of the samples suffer from a bit of background noise, but those problems are barely noticeable. The reverb is also a nice touch.

The Greatest Soudfont Drumkit
    Review submitted by Horses are Vermin from England on May 05. 2004

Ken you are a legend! I have used this sf2 file in several of my Cubase tracks and no other soundfont kit comes close to the realism and timbre of this. As a competent drummer, I have real picky ear for MIDI drums, but even when listening to my own tracks, I easily forget that the kit is not played live. Your soundfont has helped my home recordings have a professional edge especially in a studio area that cannot accommodate a real kit. Cheers!

Great Drums... save the snare
    Review submitted by PrimeMover from Oshkosh on June 09. 2004

This is my kit of choice for the hard rock and metal stuff that I write and record. I've got 20+ years of professional recording studio experience and in my opinion these are really as close as it gets to what I want to hear out of a studio drum kit...very little needs to be done to make them sound "right". Sure, the snare is a little weak for my taste, but that's ok because I've got another that I like. Everything else is great though. ...and I'm not so worried about velocities because I multitrack and tweak everything anyway... it's no big deal.

Great sounding kit!
    Review submitted by Lynn from England on October 16. 2004

I have dowloaded a lot of drums from this site and this is one of the best. I've used it on a few of my songs. Being a drummer myself, I like to use a variety of different sounding kits on my recordings. The only thing lacking on the soundfonts I've downloaded up to now was expression. I fixed that by making a sampleset of my own kit using 126 unique samples. It should appear in the library shortly.

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    Review submitted by usvgdum from New York on October 20. 2010

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