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    Review submitted by CHAN Lancelot the Jedi from Hong Kong on October 14. 1999

This is another great soundfont I used for my music-making. It is the soundfont I used as my GM base. I had been modifying it, adding my own and Cadenza's soundfonts into it and transformed it into a soundfont as large as 45.08 mb, the soundfont I used to make my music. You may check my stuff out at : If you are looking for an excellent GM soundfont, go no further. Unison is your choice!

    Review submitted by CHAN Lancelot the Jedi from Hong Kong on October 14. 1999

Ah, forgot to mention its' Choir is the best I have ever listened to!

Good overall but some inexcusable flaws
    Review submitted by Keith from USA on October 17. 1999

Many of the instruments are pretty good, but there are a *lot* of tuning problems from instrument to instrument. Particularly the Glockenspiel, Banjo and Vibraphone are horribly out of tune in places. The Violin & Fiddle have this annoying vibrato and the Rock & Hammond organs have annoying loops. The best instruments on this set are the Steel Drum, Choir, and Church Organ.

a quick postscript on the choir praised above
    Review submitted by Jeremy Dimmick from Cambridge, England on December 18. 1999

The choral samples are indeed excellent but some of them are not well looped. Luckily Jordi Navarro Subirana relooped it most successfully for his 'JNSGM 2.0' bank, and even though that bank has its problems I strongly advise downloading it for the sake of this voice.

Great....but some tuning problems and tiny flaws
    Review submitted by `Rags` from Texas USA (I aint a hick neither) on December 30. 1999

Great sound other than a couple of cases. Calliope is a teeny bit too sharp, the trumpet seems to swell to a full sound. It needs a slightly better attack. Tubular bells are a little too metallic sounding. Pizzicato strings are a little too weak. The strings have a little too much tremor in them and the tremolo strings have WAY too much tremor. Slow strings seem to fade in and out while played for more than 2 beats. Orchestra hit needs a little tuning. Muted trumpet seems to have the same problem as the trumpet. Saxes and horns are great. The french horn has a metallic twang to it that's a little annoying (as am I is seems) Flute is a little airy. Square wave is a little too sharp. Saw wave just plain sucks. Fiddle has too much tremor. All the other patches not mentioned are perfectly in tune and sound great. I recommend this SF to anyone...that is if someone would spend some time with a tuner and make some of the patches more realistic. (long winded eh?)

Too much to fix
    Review submitted by Seth from Mi on April 14. 2000

I think that it's a great bank, but it will need to much fixen for my skills. Not that I don't know how, it's just that it takes too long for me to get it done, and I don't have time to write music and fix sounds though the choir I'll keep

a work of art
    Review submitted by Jyris from USA on June 11. 2000

Rating: 9.95 This soundfont is a work of art. It sounds great overall, and is just about the right size. I only downloaded this because I had a T1, and now, with a 28.8, I wouldnt even bother d/ling for days those 64 meg things that the others have to offer (which I predict contains lots of recycled sounds anyway). Minor quibbles: The piano is way too punchy. The brass is generally too low in volume. The drums kinda sound plastic. (basing off sc-88 pro characteristics) But other than that, this is the best Ive heard so far :) I might be working on my own soundfont, and if I do, I'll be sure to learn from this one!

Phoaaaaar, Cor Blimey Guv!
    Review submitted by Danny French from London, United Kingdom on June 20. 2000

I download this with a faultym odem, which meant it only worked at about 1.2kb/s. It took HOURS! It was worth it. There are a couple of faults in places, but it's not really a problem to replace them with other samples. The Choir Aah's are fantastic, and the strings are very nice. Worth it, but if you've got a cable connection or something like that, even better!

Here for cannibalism
    Review submitted by Oscar Francis from Melbourne, Australia on September 16. 2000

Unison is one of those banks where the individual sounds are perfect, but as a whole the font is not so good, like every sound is too different or something. In my Megafont GM collection, Unison still has the biggest amount of sounds used. This was the first bank I ever downloaded, and I replaced most of the sounds with those from the E-mu 8MB bank because they weren't very GM-compatible. Since then my collection is made of presets from dozens of fonts, and now half of Unison is in bank 1. Download it, and pick out sounds to use in your GM collection. Crystal Rhodes rocks!!! Apart from that, excellent presets include the distorted and overdriven guitars (absolutely outstanding), tremolo strings (perfect - sounds like you're at a movie!!), crystal (nice and sparkly), most of the sound effects (GS-compatible), trumpet (bright and swelly, I use it in a variation bank), calliope (sounds just like a fairground sound - is it supposed to?), french horn (very realistic, but slow, so I use it as a variation) and the ice rain is a very interesting sci-fi sound (though not exactly GM-compatible). Well worth the download.

One of the best I've heard
    Review submitted by Andrew Kersey-Smith from UK on September 25. 2000

Ok, I've only just started to use the "BIG" soundfonts and this one is amazing! This is the first one I tried and so far the best. I thought I would then try the bigger soundfonts, like PC42c. That's a 50 meg plus file, but the sounds just don't compare to this! Unison is so good. The vibrato on some instruments is a little annoying at times, but it's easy to get use too. Easily a 9 out of 10. Worth the time to download. Personal Copy, take a note from this in future.

Nice stuff, but you must work!!!
    Review submitted by EmsiV from Antrodoco, Italy on January 17. 2001

Really good soundfont for midi Playback... But you have to add many GS instruments (expecially drumkits)... And many instruments (like flute) are seriously detuned. GOOD JOB, but... YOU MUST WORK HARD!!!

Best I've Used
    Review submitted by Rolfe from USA on March 14. 2001

I've looked a bit and even purchased a couple of GM's off of the net. Unison is the best GM I've ever heard. Chaos isn't bad either. If you're thinking of spending $20 on Utopia, Unison is far better. Just my opinion.

Excellent but with a few glaring flaws
    Review submitted by Ceremony of Opposites from USA on April 16. 2001

Overall, this is a very nice-sounding bank. Especially good are the choirs and drumkits. Orchestral MIDI's sound excellent on this soundfont. However, there are a few glaring flaws that detract from this being the end-all-be-all of soundfonts. For one, some of the samples are out-of-tune, such as the lower range of the flute and sawtooth lead. The trumpet sounds anemic and I cringe whenever I hear it. But if you don't mind a little tweaking here and there, this is a fine soundfont and worthy of download.

String ensemble is good, excellent brass
    Review submitted by Charles Garvey from US on November 05. 2001

Needless to say, Unison has all sounds in 12daysXmas.mid (because that MIDI is bundled with the Unison soundfont available here. I use the 12daysXmas.mid as a measure because it contains examples of most difficult to produce timbres. Weak acoustic piano. Solo violin is OK but sounds flat (not enough overtones and vibrato), and the cello is passable but really grunts in the lower registers. String ensemble is good, but is weak and when boosted in order to be heard in the extreme high registers it will sound shrill. Banjo strum really sounds like the four string variety (compensates by boosting the volume during bluegrass and it does properly twang). Buzzy, cheesy trombone section. OK solo trombone, solo trumpet that can sound like Kate Smith pinching her noise closed and screaming out the Star Spangled Banner (good for staccato punctuation in pop music). Otherwise, its a natural sounding solo trumpet (rare among smaller compilation soundfonts). Good tympani (proper reverb). Bagpipe that sounds like a dentist's drill. Organ is electronic sounding. Pan flute sounds like a calliope. No pop to the piccolo bass during Techno. Sappy bass which doesn't click (but has no ummph either). Nice synth bass drum. Can't recommend the clean guitar (too nasal). But the acoustic isn't bad (a bit too nylon string sounding, though).

Great but...
    Review submitted by Antero vila from Azores Portugal on February 04. 2002

It's realy Great. Realy. But much work has to be done in order to tune some instruments. otherwise its not usable for serius work. I can help if you want. e-mail me

Not bad, but...
    Review submitted by Kurisu on October 04. 2002

It's a little off balence and out of tune in some places...Otherwise good.

A Clasic of clasics
    Review submitted by Milton Paredes from Quito, Ecuador on October 13. 2009

Unison is a grate soundfont and one of this clasic gm bank of 1999. after 10 years, i must admit that unison is a grate font for midi playback, i star using unison first in my soft synt h reality, later, i change to a audigy platinum cart, and unison was my default gm set. after 10 years, i use profetional audio quality card in my studio with soft synths and vst. how ever, i purchace a small audigy S E for ma bed room computer, and i load the unison font. unison brings me some memorys bank in the 2001 when i was in spain for about 3 years, is a grate sf, and this is a true clasic!.

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    Review submitted by xdhpkz from otqkjrpza on November 29. 2009

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    Review submitted by ikyrhhkry from New York on June 01. 2010

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    Review submitted by whbiss from unlendv on September 10. 2010

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    Review submitted by ghmzui from US on November 30. 2010

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    Review submitted by fssyxj from US on December 04. 2010

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    Review submitted by dwaacpvkwgw from US on December 09. 2010

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    Review submitted by zqcgtamybs from vbyrmogg on May 09. 2011

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    Review submitted by emrpswd from US on June 06. 2011

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    Review submitted by laifgln from US on July 30. 2011

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    Review submitted by lchlfglp from US on November 13. 2011

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    Review submitted by Gmdma from uCgsaXWaiwOEQLRURg on June 28. 2012

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    Review submitted by Ukddgij from vdTVnQjf on July 05. 2012

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